Celso Domingos is a PhD student of the Doctoral Program in Marine Science, Technology and Management at the University of Porto and he develop his research activities at the Interdisciplinary Centre of Marine and Environmental Research (CIIMAR-UP). In his PhD he is investigating the biodiversity of glass sponges (Class Hexactinellida) from the deep Atlantic, with focus on describing new species from unexplored areas, and using this data together with molecular and distribution data to uncover the large-scale biodiversity patters on benthic deep-sea fauna. 

His main research interests are on taxonomy, systematics, biogeography and conservation of sponges (Porifera). He addresses these and other questions of this group using integrative approaches that combine morphological, molecular and ecological data and in the use of this information to support conservation strategies and sustainable use of the natural resources.

Celso Domingos holds a BSc degree in Biological Sciences at Estácio de Sá University, and later a MSc in Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Nowadays, he is awarded with the “Blue Young Talent’ PhD scholarship” in CIIMAR Portugal.