Carlin Bowyer has held the position of Field Operations Manager for the last 6 years with the University of Western Australia’s Coastal and Ocean Dynamics Group, which is part of UWA’s node of the Australian Research Council’s Coral Reef Centre of Excellence. Carlin has a background in Marine and Environmental science, specializing in spatial information systems and field operations. Carlin holds an environmental science degree, with first class honours, from The University of Western Australia.

Carlin ensures that field operations are undertaken in an organized and safe manner. He always strives to improve the technique, and manner in which our group undertakes fieldwork. Carlin is a key member of our small boating operations (Australian Coxswain Grade 1), and also our drone operations (Remote Pilot License, up to 25kg). Carlin also participated in the previous SOI-UWA cruise to the submarine Perth Canyon aboard the RV Falkor in 2015.