Bror Jonsson is a research assistant professor at the University of New Hampshire, where he works on how physical and biological processes interact in the ocean. One particular focus is to develop new methods to combine ocean models, satellite products, and field observations. His main tools are Lagrangian particle tracking, remote sensing, and frameworks to analyze large datasets from disparate sources. 

Some more specific questions he has worked on are: The temporal and spatial scales on which different processes control biological production in a continuum from land to the open ocean, coastal ocean acidification, processes controlling net community production, the connectivity between different regions in the ocean and its influence on organism biodiversity and biogeochemical cycles, how to use satellite data to study diel processes, and primary production in upwelling systems.

Bror received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in biology from Uppsala University in Sweden and a Ph.D. in Physical Oceanography from Stockholm University, also Sweden.