I am Bernardita Mutschke Lara, an undergraduate student of Marine Biology at Universidad de Valparaiso (UV). where I was a volunteer at Chondrolab (Laboratory of Biology and Conservation of Chondrichtyans) recollecting samples of different chondrichtyans species. During the last semester, I’ve developed an interest in the genomics of crustaceans. I did my investigation seminary in LABYGER (Laboratory of Aquatic Biotechnology and Reproductive Genomics) titled: In Silico Prospecting for Genes of the Aquaporin Superfamily in the Branchiopod Crustacean Artemia franciscana.

I have had the chance to collaborate with SUBPESCA (fishing and aquaculture subsecretary) a governmental entity of Chile, with my illustrations of marine turtles for a Protocol for handling and return of sea turtles caught incidentally in fishing operations.

I’m currently having my professional practice on board, for the first time, on RV Falkor (too).