Andrea Giulia Varzi is a PhD candidate at the University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy. She has a BSc in Geological Sciences and Technologies and a MSc in Marine Sciences. After the graduation, in March 2021, she worked as a research assistant within the project Cresci Blu Reef, which focuses on Coralligenous bioconstructions. In particular, she was involved for the habitat mapping of such outcrops. In November 2022 she started the PhD. Her scientific interests deal with data acquisition and post-processing for geomorphological and habitat mapping purposes, spacing from acoustic data to UAVs or underwater photogrammetry. Her research is focused on the so-called “white ribbon” area, thus on the nearshore environment. In particular, She is willing to define a reference workflow to integrate high-resolution multi-scale and multisource geospatial datasets to create seamless models between the land and sea environments, to bridge the gap. In this framework, the BridgET Erasmus+ project is the leading project for achieving such results.