• Recipes from the Galley —Check out a new recipe from one of our R/V Falkor (too) chefs.
  • Welcome Back-to-School with this Ocean-inspired Playlist for Kids. Enjoy fun and educational music by Raffi, Mike Bennet, and The Banana Slug String Band.
  • SOI Zoom Backgrounds/Wallpaper – New images from R/V Falkor (too) and ROV SuBastian that you can download to use as virtual meeting backgrounds or wallpaper for your desktop computer.

    Transport your colleagues and friends to the deep sea with these backgrounds for video calls. Ignite curiosity and excitement by spotlighting imagery from some of SOI’s latest research. All are labeled with the expedition hashtag for easy social media searching if you (or your audience) are inspired to go into depth to learn more about the science and technology used to boldly explore our unknown Ocean.

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