Here are some of the articles on SOI from this quarter.

Deep Sea Dive from a Desk Uncovers Three New Species, 2023-06-16
An article from Phys.Org on three new species of carnivorous sponges described by Dr. Merrick Ekins of the Queensland Museum, who virtually participated in the “Seamounts, Canyons & Reefs of the Coral Sea” expedition. 

Rare Octopus Discovery Made 2 Miles Below the Ocean Surface, 2023-06-30
CNN was one of many news outlets to cover the findings of June’s Octopus Odyssey expeditions. A full list of articles can be found on the expedition webpage

Rare Deep Sea Creature with ‘Truly Alien Form’ Spotted Right after Eating, Video Shows, 2023-07-05
An article from The Miami Herald on ROV SuBastian’s encounter with a gulper eel. 

Hallan en Costa Rica una Peculiar Eclosión de Bebés Pulpos de Aguas Profundas, 2023-07-10
Discoveries from Octopus Odyssey were reported in numerous Spanish-language newspapers, including El Mundo, the second-largest digital newspaper in Spanish.

Under a Hellish Ocean Habitat, Bizarre Animals Are Lurking, 2023-08-08
A piece in The New York Times on the discovery of a new ecosystem below hydrothermal vents during The Underworld of Hydrothermal Vents expedition.

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