The Twilight Zone with Natural World Facts

Natural World Facts is an educational YouTube channel that hosts short nature documentaries. It is the creation of Leo Richards, who writes, narrates, and edits all the content housed within the channel. One of Leo’s latest videos, Mysteries of the Twilight Zone, utilizes SOI imagery to describe life in the mesopelagic zone and has over one million views on the channel. The video covers animal adaptations, vertical migration, and the twilight zone’s food web and features footage of siphonophores, squids, and octopus. SOI’s Creative Media Manager, Logan Mock-Bunting, worked with Leo throughout the production process, from the initial idea and planning to writing and editing the final piece. 

Logan and Leo also worked together to create Robots in the Deep, a short film on technologies used in deep-sea exploration. Robots in the Deep was an official selection at the 2023 International Ocean Film Festival.

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