Max Hooper Schneider joins Falkor (too) as Artist-at-Sea

Critically acclaimed artist Max Hooper Schneider sent sculptures created from manmade ephemera to the seafloor, approximately 2500 meters deep, during The Underworld of Hydrothermal Vents expedition. “I wanted to deploy things that are suggestive of human artifice. What happens when they are subsumed by the things in this habitat?” Said Max while reflecting on his work.

Max’s work onboard R/V Falkor (too) served as research and inspiration for later projects, which he describes as “multimedia polysensorial presentations,” they will be “faithful communications of a site or place in an atypical way.” Through this work, Max will capture that which is hard to experience or describe within the realm of deep-sea phenomena, utilizing both awe and horror to draw in the viewer’s imagination. 

Beyond deploying diaromatic sculptures to hydrothermal vents, Max also experimented with creating watercolors using leftover Riftia blood from sample collections and filming otherworldly multimedia scenes in the lab. Additionally, Max conducted a virtual artist-at-sea studio visit with the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. Learn more by watching this video on Max’s time onboard R/V Falkor (too) and view the virtual artist-at-sea studio visit with Max in this recorded presentation: 

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