Schmidt Futures and SOI collaborate on new Ocean Biogeochemistry program

SOI and Schmidt Futures recently announced the Ocean Biogeochemistry Virtual Institute (OBVI) to support transformational research in this area of Ocean sciences. OBVI aims to accelerate society’s response to climate change by tackling some of the most challenging data and modeling problems in Ocean biogeochemistry research and is in alignment with SOI’s Strategic Framework. OBVI just closed its call for Expressions of Intent targeting cross-cutting Ocean biogeochemistry research and successful grantees will be announced later this year. Proposers who require Ocean observing and data collection applied for support from Schmidt Futures. If the researchers need time at sea, they were able to apply for time aboard research vessel Falkor (too).

ECO Magazine – Special Issue on Ocean Observing in Collaboration with SOI and National Oceanography Centre

ECO Magazine released its special issue on Ocean Observing,  the first in a series of three special online issues this year addressing important Ocean topics. The series is a collaboration between SOI, National Oceanography Centre, and the magazine. In this issue, SOI Communications Intern, Tyler Smith,  penned The Research Vessel Remains Irreplaceable in Ocean Observing. The article discusses how research vessels remain a central part of Ocean observing. Additionally, SOI’s Research Program Senior Manager, Allison Miller; Data Solutions Architect, Corinne Bassin; and Dr. Jyotika Virmani co-authored Ocean Observations in a Sea of Open Ocean Data, examining the plethora of data generated by Ocean observations and how to share the information openly.

Back Ashore is Back

SOI’s first Back Ashore episode of 2023 discussed various Ocean technologies used on R/V Falkor—robotic vehicles, squishy fingers, and imaging tools and software.  SOI’s Allison Miller, moderated a discussion with Dr. Kakani Katija of MBARI, Dr. David Gruber of SUNY Baruch, Dr. Blair Thornton of the University of Southampton, Dr. John Burns of the Bigelow Laboratory, and Dr. Joãp Sousa of the University of Porto, to share how these tools have advanced since their time on board R/V Falkor. You can view the recording here. You can also revisit previous Back Ashore episodes from 2022 focused on microbes, Costa Rica, and the Mariana Trench.

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