R/V Falkor (too) Refit

R/V Falkor (too) is in the final stage of its refit and has left dry dock where, amongst other things, a 19.5 meter-long, 32-ton gondola (one of the largest of its kind) was welded to the hull. Additionally, the ship’s hull was painted and is now a beautiful SOI blue! The gondola houses numerous sonar systems, including Kongsberg multibeam echosounders EM 2040, EM 712, and EM 124 – all of which puts Falkor (too) at the forefront of complete ocean depth seafloor mapping. The weeks ahead will be spent on the final details to ensure the ship is ready for sea trials, including installing over 200 kilometers of AV/IT cables to transform it into a technically sophisticated global class research vessel. Below is our latest video update and never-before-seen imagery of the refit.

    • A photo gallery of recent photos from refit:

    • Here’s an exclusive preview of the latest video update from the refit, where you can learn about Falkor (too)’s incredible Voith-Schneider propulsion system. Click here to watch all the Making of a Research Ship series videos.

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