Vertical Reefs of the Galápagos

Cruise Log

D. Fornari - WHOI-MISO Facility - Alucia expedition AL1508, Dalio Exploration Trust

Vertical Reefs of the Galápagos | 4K ROV Highlights

Dive into a world of unparalleled natural beauty and biodiversity in this ROV highlight reel from the #CliffReefs expedition. Our awe-inspiring journey took us through...


Studying Oxygen Minimum Zones | Video Update

A mountain range starts off the coast of Galápagos Islands and ends south of Costa Rica — as part of the Galápagos Marine Reserve, it...


Coral Connections | Video Update

"What we don't sometimes realize is that under the water, we have this amazing topography. So you have valleys and hills and mountains, ravines, crevasses...


Deep Sea Details | Video Update

"The moon has been mapped to much higher detail than the deep sea. It's a massive cliche, but it is true: We know more about...


Oasis of Biodiversity | Video Update

"Vertical deep-water coral reefs are areas where essentially corals live on the side of an underwater cliff." Imagine walking in a forest, but then the...