Imaging the K-T Boundary

Cruise Log

Captain’s log from March 23, 2013

Time of observations / report:  23rd March 2013 – 12:00 LT (UTC - 4) Position:  22-52.8-N, 090-11.9-W Course and speed:  Courses various whilst mapping survey...

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, Schmidt Ocean Institute

Increasing resolution

The Falkor’s first science cruise is focusing on mapping the Campeche Escarpment between water depths of 400 m to its base at 3700 m. The...

Schmidt Ocean Institute

Seafloor mapping continues

Mapping of Campeche Escarpment reminds us that hydrographic surveys may not be as ‘glorious’ as some other types of ocean research, such as, for example,...

NOAA, Smith and Sandwell

The Ocean: Haven’t We Already Mapped It?

We've all seen various maps of the world on the walls of libraries, schools, and conference rooms.  Some of them display the shape of the...