Imaging the K-T Boundary

Captain’s log from March 23, 2013

Mar. 23 2013

Time of observations / report:  23rd March 2013 – 12:00 LT (UTC – 4)
Position:  22-52.8-N, 090-11.9-W
Course and speed:  Courses various whilst mapping survey line, speed 8 kts
Sea condition:  4 (moderate) – Short Moderate SE’ly
Weather (current and forecasted) – Wind SE’ly 6/7
Air temp:  25.4 C
Water temp: 24.3 C

Operations narrative:

Continued to map the Campeche Escarpment as per cruise plan and standing orders for FK007. After doing some more thorough survey in the middle section of the survey area we are currently moving further NE along the previous survey lines.

ETA next port:  St. Petersburg, USA, 29th March 2013 @ 09:00
Remaining Distance and Passage Planning:
Average speed last 24 hrs:  8.1 knots
Cruise average speed:  8.5 knots
Total distance sailed so far: 2778.1 nm

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