Hydrothermal Vents of the Western Galápagos

A History of Interdisciplinary Research | Video Update

Sep. 06 2023

“It is no exaggeration to say that all life on earth is inextricably tied to the rocks upon which we live and the geological processes occurring deep inside the planet.”

The latest #GalapagosVents expedition update video dives deep into the history of interdisciplinary research, where biologists, chemists, and geologists work together to paint the first true full portrayals of the Deep Sea.

In a very direct way, work like this expedition links very deep earth processes to life living at the surface of Earth. Imagine these scientific disciplines as pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, each contributing to the whole picture. The interplay between geology, chemistry, and biology is extremely important: studying one without the others leaves us with an incomplete understanding. But with an interdisciplinary approach, we can gather all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, allowing us to finally see the whole picture.

As we piece together the biological, geological, and chemical mysteries of the Galapagos ecosystems, it becomes very clear that interdisciplinary science gives us a more complete understanding of how these processes are linked here – and around the world.

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