Are these positions funded? Are there scholarships available?
If selected, the artist will have economy travel provided to and from ports where the ship will be docked. Food and lodging are provided while at sea for no charge, but artists will not be paid for their time on the ship.

What does the program cost?
Schmidt Ocean Institute does not charge for an Artist-at-Sea berth on R/V Falkor (too). Food and lodging are provided while at sea for no charge, but artists will not be paid for their time on the ship.

What is the time range for the program? Is it for a one-month period, over the course of an entire summer, etc.
The program is for berths of opportunity. This means if there is an available berth after the science team is filled, we open that space to a student or artist. If you are selected, SOI will match you with an appropriate expedition/transit as it becomes available. This can happen at any point during the year. Expeditions can run anywhere from 10 to 30 days. We aim to notify those selected at least two months in advance of the expedition so that they have a chance to accept or decline the offer.

Should I keep a copy of my application submission?
Yes, we suggest that you record the answers in a separate document first, where they can be spell-checked, edited, and saved before copy/pasting into the Google form. In case there is an issue with the receipt of your application, you will still have your materials saved.

Regarding the letter of reference, what particularly would you like it to address? I want to make sure that I choose the right person to refer me.
Someone you have worked with on a project would be ideal. Being on a ship for weeks at a time with the same people in an enclosed space is not for everyone, so character and personality are very important. Being able to work in a team and communicate with people are important also. An ideal reference would know not just your work, but your disposition and temperament as well.

How many images of my work would you like to see?
No more than 8. The jury will have a large number of works to look through, so the stronger and more polished your submission, the better chance it will have. If the jury needs to look at more examples, we will go to the website you provide on your application.

As for the photos, what size do they need to be?
Size the images up to 1500px on the longest side. Save as high-quality .jpg.

How many images of work should I send?
5-8 images, please.

How should they be named?
We recommend labeling them with: your last name-order to be viewed-title.jpg

For example: If an Artist named Maria Durand submitted an image they wanted viewed first, named “Ocean,” it would be titled Durand01Ocean.jpg. The second image she wants viewed is named coral, so it should be named: Durand-02-Coral.jpg, etc. (Color and formatting in this example are only for guidance).

Should I email Schmidt Ocean Institute to confirm they received my application?
You should receive a confirmation from the website, but if you have any doubt that the application or supporting materials have gone through, feel free to email with “Confirmation of Artist Application” in the subject line.

I just learned of this and missed the deadline can I apply past the deadline?
No, applications submitted past the deadline will not be accepted. Due to the large number of applications, and the need to notify those selected as soon as possible, the evaluation process begins immediately after the deadline.

How can two or more people apply as a collaboration?
This opportunity is aimed at solo artists, as we are not always able to accommodate more than one artist per research cruise.

I really want to know how things are going with the applications – can I email and ask if I am still in the running?
Please do not. There are many high-caliber candidates, and we want to give attention to all applicants. We will be working through the evaluation and selection process as quickly and thoroughly as we can. Berths are opportunistic and applicants may not be notified till up to six weeks before an expedition.

Am I guaranteed to get the research cruise I requested?
We would love to be able to place artists with the specific cruise they are interested in, but logistics, berth space, and availability do not always allow this.

I have a previous engagement that overlaps with the research cruise – can I come late/ leave early?
No. This is a working research vessel with science as its main mission. The ship must leave for the expedition on time, and once launched, will not return with the exception of an emergency. If you are selected and agree to participate, you are committing to being on the ship for the entire length of the expedition. Any personal logistics are the sole responsibility of the participant and need to be worked out well ahead of accepting the time on board.

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