Join Eric King for a tour through our new vessel, including stops at the multiple science labs and Mission Control Room, Aft Deck, the Outdoor Lounge, the Main Deck, the Hangar and Moonpool, and common spaces.

Q&A Session Recordings

Waypoint 1 with Eric King (moderated by Allison Miller)

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to hear from Eric King, Senior Director of Operations as he discusses the ins and outs of SOI’s state-of-the-art research vessel Falkor (too). 

During this session, Eric and Allison respond to questions about how differently-abled persons can access the vessel [2:30], how a variety of dietary restrictions can be accommodated by the culinary team [4:51], what the resolution is of the multibeam system and more information about mapping systems available [6:38], if there are plans to add more robotic systems on board [9:44], tips for scientists who want to bring new technology on an expedition that Falkor (too) does not currently have [12:15], capabilities to launch/recover in challenging areas such as Antarctica—including the use of the moonpools [15:43], the use of low earth orbiting satellites and its impact on communication capabilities [19:42], information on mobilizations/demobilizations with the new ship, including advanced mobilizations [22:27], and the new microplastic system on the vessel.

Waypoint 2 with Eric King (moderated by Allison Miller)

Eric and Allison continue their conversation about R/V Falkor (too), which had just returned from a 40-day shakedown science cruise into the mid-Atlantic, partnering and collaborating with scientists from all over the United States and internationally.

During the session, Eric covered various topics, starting with sharing his favorite part of the vessel [2:14]. Additional subjects covered in this session included the possibility of scientists deploying their own mooring systems, such as an Aquadopp current meter or SBE37 [4:27], the ship’s hull-mounted equipment [6:52], how the helideck will be utilized [10:33], if sonar collected will be contributed to the Seabed 2030 Project [12:35], plans to expand data collection in ‘data deserts’ [14:43], the interior look of the vessel [17:30], and working spaces available on board [20:12], if there are plans to grow food on board [22:16], and how tall the ship is and how many levels there are [23:30]. They wrapped up the conversation by addressing accessibility for those with mobility issues [25:14] and how SOI mobilizes the ship before each expedition [27:48].

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