Dr. Jyotika Virmani provides an overview of the 2023 symposium format, the symposium topics, our new vessel acquisition, our ten-year
Strategic Framework, and other new directions.

Q&A Session Recordings

Waypoint 1 with Dr. Jyotika Virmani (moderated by Allison Miller)

Want to learn more about the Schmidt Ocean Institute (SOI) and the future of ocean exploration and research? Then you will want to take advantage of this video recording of the opening session of the 2023 virtual symposium! SOI’s Executive Director Jyotika Virmani and Research Portfolio Senior Manager Allison Miller discuss the theme of Setting the Course for the future direction of SOI, responding to questions submitted by viewers.

Jyotika covered a wide array of topics: data sharing [2:52], where SOI data can be accessed [6:29], SOI’s Ocean Rising partnership with Nekton [9:00], the ten-year expedition map and how it will evolve over time [11:37], multidisciplinary teams and other opportunities to join an expedition [14:00], Falkor (too)’s capabilities in the Antarctica region [15:45], geological exploration including Falkor (too)’s inaugural expedition [18:16], how scientists can bring specialized and innovative technology on board [21:56], a variety of options on how to participate on an expedition even if your proposal would not require the full use of the ship [23:49], the capacity of the ship [26:30], and what coring capabilities SOI has on Falkor (too) as well as options for adding additional equipment [27:25].

Waypoint 2 with Dr. Jyotika Virmani (moderated by Allison Miller)

The second session aimed to provide an overview of SOI’s direction as it sails into the future, including efforts to broaden inclusivity and diversity in marine science.

The panel fielded questions about targeted grants and other resources available for people with dependents at home and the focus on broadening inclusivity and diversity in the marine sciences [1:56], the types of support SOI offers to scientists participating in expeditions on Falkor (too) [6:43], a preview of the new process for submitting expressions of interest to SOI [8:43], additional information about the availability of microgrants [11:20], where people can view footage captured during expeditions [13:32], how SOI shares the data collected on Falkor (too) [15:17], outreach partnerships such as Ocean Rising [18:19], how the ten-year expedition map will evolve over time [20:25], plans for the ship visiting Antarctica [20:25], and suggestions for how to participate in expeditions if you have a small team [24.02].

Watch this video series and join SOI in the mission to understand the Ocean, sustain life, and ensure the health of the planet.

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