Victor R. Caivano is a seasoned visual journalist known for his multifaceted storytelling abilities, seamlessly blending photography and videography to convey compelling narratives. His career at The Associated Press has taken him to reside in many countries around the world and has been defined by a relentless pursuit of truth and a commitment to capturing the essence of human experiences worldwide.

With a foundation rooted in traditional photography, Victor began his journey before the digital age, honing his craft by carrying a portable darkroom to develop his images on the go. This hands-on approach instilled in him a deep understanding of the technical nuances of visual storytelling.

Throughout his career, Victor has immersed himself in a diverse array of assignments that have taken him to the forefront of history’s defining moments. From documenting the aftermath of catastrophic hurricanes like Hurricane Mitch in Honduras, to chronicling the complexities of conflicts such as the Israel-Hamas war, his lens has captured the raw emotions and untold stories of individuals facing adversity.

In recognition of his exceptional talent and leadership, Victor was appointed as a multi-format news director for AP’s Southern Cone countries in 2014. This groundbreaking role marked him as the first photographer entrusted with overseeing text, photo, and television coverage in the agency’s storied history. Based in Buenos Aires, he played a pivotal role in shaping the news narrative across the region.

Today, Victor continues to push the boundaries of visual journalism. He explores pressing global issues such as Canada’s pivotal moment at the intersection of one of the worst fire seasons in history, its commitment to combating climate change, and its status as a major oil and gas producer. Additionally, he has embarked on extensive projects, including examining lithium production in South America and its intricate intersections with Indigenous communities.

Victor, a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, has a unique background. He grew up between Buenos Aires and a farm in the desertic region near the Andes, which imbued him with a deep appreciation for nature and diverse cultures. This unique background informs his work, enriching his storytelling with a nuanced understanding of the world.

Victor shares his expertise as a lecturer and jury member at international photography meetings. He currently serves on the board of the Committee for Research and Exploration, an interdisciplinary advisory body supporting the National Geographic Society’s mission.

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