Víctor Aramayo is a biologist working in the diversity and ecology of benthos (including exploited & threatened species) across large-size spectra. As a past Swedmark-Grant awarded (Ghent University, Belgium), has a particular interest in tiny organisms influencing the metabolism and function of marine ecosystems. Major environmental scenarios where Víctor works include oxygen-deficient and anoxic waters in coastal upwelling areas and benthic habitats influenced by El Niño. He has studied deep-sea benthic organisms under national (e.g. southern Peru) and international (e.g. Portugal, France) collaborative projects. His main international professional affiliation is the Deep-Sea Biologist Society (Southampton, UK). He currently works at the Peruvian Institute of Marine Research (IMARPE, Oceanography and Climate Change www.imarpe.gob.pe) and is an Associate Professor at San Marcos University (Faculty of Biological Science, https://biologia.unmsm.edu.pe/). He is delighted to learn, share, and collaborate with everyone.