Ursula Mendoza is a Marine Biologist and holds a Doctorate in Natural Science from the Bremen University at the Center of Marine Tropical Ecology. She has a BS in Marine Biology from Universidade Federal de Rio de Janeiro and a MS in Environmental Geochemistry at the Universidade Federal Fluminense. She was a postdoctoral researcher for the carbon and sulfur cycles in upwelling system at the Universidade Federal Fluminense. She currently serves as Specialist of Geology at the Chemical and Geology Oceanography Department at Instituto del Mar del Perú. Additionally, she is a professor at the Graduate of Marine Biology program at the Universidad Cientifica del Sur. Her research expertise lies in biogeochemistry and oceanography, with a specific focus on mangroves, marine protected areas and upwelling ecosystems, particularly within the Humboldt and Brazil current systems. In recent years, she has dedicated her efforts to studying the sulfur cycling and the carbon export using in situ observational and experimental sediment traps in mesocosms. She has actively participated in numerous interdisciplinary research projects at both national and international levels in South America, Europe and Asia. Her aim leading this expedition is to provide the essential scientific basis to inform conservation and natural resources management decisions.