Shanae lives with her family in Geraldton but was born and raised in the Pilbara. The family moved to Geraldton so that she could attend High School. She has recently completed Year 12 and is looking forward to a new chapter in my life. She is thoroughly involved into all sports, with Basketball being her current focus with coaching, playing and umpiring. She also loves playing football, netball and swimming. Shanae is also a local artist with some of her designs sold and some designs have been used for the Girls Academy Sydney Summit and for Follow the Dream. Shanae enjoys socialising and hanging out with old and new friends. She enjoys science and loved her time with the Hamelin Station Heritage Meetings concerning the Stromatolites. By being involved with Follow the Dream and going to Hamelin Station she got to explore and collect data of the local wildlife and study the stromatolites as well as present at the Heritage Meetings a few times as a representative.  Being able to be hands on with all of the explorations and data gathering is something that she could see herself continuing to do.