Saulo Soares is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Hawaii at Manoa’s International Pacific Research Center. Saulo recently earned his PhD in Oceanography from the Department of Oceanography of the University of Hawaii . He also has a B. Sc. in Oceanology from the University of Rio Grande (2005) and in 2007 Saulo earned a M. Sc. in Physical Oceanography from the University of Sao Paulo after conducting an investigation on the dynamics of Brazil Current eddies in the Abrolhos bank region, a well-known humpback whale sanctuary. His current research interests lie in internal waves and mixing near the surface ocean where they could impact biological activity, salinity and atmospheric phenomena. On this cruise, Saulo is in charge of collecting water samples for nutrient and phytoplankton analysis, as well as CTD and LADCP operations and any deck work. This is probably his 13th oceanographic cruise, and he still is excited.