An avid ocean explorer, Sarah searches for life in areas of the ocean that have never before been seen by the human eye. Her passions lie in researching the dynamics of habitats fueled by chemicals, instead of the sun, and in thinking of how these habitats relate to the possibility of life on other planets. Currently pursuing a PhD in Ocean, Earth, and Atmospheric Science at Oregon State University, she integrates techniques of microbiology, geochemistry, and ecology to study the intricacies of life in chemically fueled ecosystems such as methane seeps. In studying these habitats, she has embarked on multiple month-long expeditions in the Pacific and Arctic Oceans, dived under meters of sea ice in Antarctica, and explored thousands of meters below the sea surface with remotely operated vehicles. On “Observing Seafloor Methane Seeps at the Edge of Hydrate Stability”, Sarah will contribute to sampling and preservation of benthic organisms retrieved by ROV SuBastian.