Sarah Bingo is a research associate at the University of Hawaii School of Ocean and Earth Science. She works with the Joint Institute of Marine and Atmospheric Research extracting animal data from ROV video surveys of deep-water communities on seamounts and ridges. Her recent work involved extracting animal abundance data from ROV footage collected by the R/V the Okeanos Explorer and the E/V Nautilus. Her research focus has been on deep-sea coral and sponge ecosystems and taxonomy. She helped develop and organize the NOAA deep-sea animal identification guide found at .

 Sarah Bingo received her Master of Science degree in marine science and her Bachelor of Science in marine biology at Hawaii Pacific University. Her master’s program was focused on surveying and characterizing unexplored coral and sponge communities in the deep sea. Her research was focused on how to define and identify high density communities in deep-water ecosystems. She also has a passion for seabird conservation.