Sam has been working in the offshore underwater industry for the last 10 years. As a Systems/Electrical Engineer for several companies in the San Diego area, he has worked with ROVs from the early concept stage to full operation and deployment. He has worked with scientists, police and military personnel, research institutes, oil & gas, and nuclear industries on a variety of exciting projects. Sam’s hands-on approach allows him to complete final design solutions as well as train end users with great success.

Sam is well established in the oceanographic industry and is known for his skills in design, manufacturing, production, troubleshooting, and creative solutions. He has worked overseas in Venezuela, Thailand, Singapore, Guam, Ecuador, Scotland and throughout the USA. Since 2001, Sam has been working on robotic systems for many companies with global reach including OPEX, SeaBotix, Sidus Solutions, Remote Ocean Systems, SPAWAR, and Deep Submergence Unit, to name a few.