Dr. Roxanne Beinart is an NSF Ocean Sciences Postdoctoral Fellow at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.  Roxanne received a B.S. in microbiology from Cornell University in 2006 and a PhD from Harvard University in 2013. Her research focuses on understanding the physiology of microbial symbionts and their role in shaping ecosystem processes. Roxanne’s previous work with co-chief scientist Dr. Peter Girguis revealed cryptic taxonomic and physiological diversity in bacterial symbionts and their snail hosts at hydrothermal vents in the Lau Basin. On this cruise, Roxanne will work with the team to conduct high-pressure physiological experiments, gather in situ geochemical data, and employ molecular-based biological surveys to further investigate how vent symbioses interact with their environment.

In addition, Roxanne conducts research on the physiology and function of ciliate-prokaryote symbioses, and will also be collecting samples to investigate the diversity and abundance of these associations at hydrothermal vents.