Rob Perrin (he/him/el)

Title and Institution: Ph.D. student, Geoscience Department, University of Calgary, Canada

Robert is a PhD candidate at the University of Calgary. In his research, Robert focuses on the west coast of Canada and southeast Alaska at the boundary between the Pacific and North American tectonic plates, where he uses geophysical methods to image the crust, helping to improve our understanding of how deformation is distributed around this large-scale transform plate boundary. Prior to his graduate studies, Robert worked as a geophysicist supporting the oil and gas industry, where he gained experience using a wide range of techniques including seismic reflection, electromagnetics, electrical resistivity, magnetics, and gravity. More recently, Robert participated in a research cruise in Cascadia where he was involved with the collection of seismic reflection and seafloor heat-flow data to support studies of hydrothermal circulation through the oceanic crust and its impact on the thermal state of the Juan de Fuca Plate as it subducts beneath North America.