Moronke Harris is an Oceanography PhD Student in the Juniper Lab at the University of Victoria (BC, Canada) who has returned to academia after working in industry on climate engineering and intergovernmental (Canada, USA, Russia, Japan, and the Republic of Korea), multi-vessel research expedition planning. Her research focuses on the most unexplored areas of the ocean, containing the most potential for discovery. Specializing in hydrothermal vent ecosystems 1000-4000 m under the ocean’s surface, she is fascinated with deep-sea exploration, blue economy, biogeochemistry, microbiology, and sea-floor mapping. Her current PhD research i. highlights the evident need for increased consideration of microbial genetic resource potential in hydrothermal vent deep-sea mining environmental assessments, and ii. promotes interdisciplinary research and international cooperation concerning the resource potential, regulatory challenges, and environmental considerations of deep-sea mining.


Beyond academic pursuits, she is a science communicator and avid visual artist ‘The Imaginative Scientist’ ( In addition to traditional science outreach work, based in deep-sea research and exploration, she aims to promote science communication through visual art by blending science and artistry to create impactful, engaging pieces that make science accessible for and fascinating to all. With 20+ national and international speaking engagements (spanning live international Q&A seminars, lectures, podcast features, text interviews, social media engagements, etc.) under her belt, Moronke is well-versed in enthusiastic and knowledgeable outreach.