I’m a Postdoctoral Scholar in the department of Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry at WHOI.  I’m an optical and chemical oceanographer who uses the light absorption and scattering properties of seawater (i.e., color and cloudiness) to make fast, in situ measurements of the size and composition of the suspended particles in the water.  This is my first cruise to a hydrothermal vent system.  I’ll be working with Chip Breier to collect samples from the rising and neutrally-buoyant plume.  Along with measurements of the suspended particles’ chemical compositions and size distributions – which are important to microbial life and determine how far the particles are carried from the vent – I’ll measure light absorption and beam attenuation spectra, and the angular scattering distributions of the particles, using sensors similar to ones that might someday be able to travel to depth on an ROV.