As a Rapa Nui woman, I have always been connected to the sea, which, for us as islanders is a source of food, tradition, and culture. As islanders the ocean is a source of nourishment, tradition, and culture. Since childhood, I have had a deep curiosity for the sea and its biodiversity. From an early age, I became aware of the importance of taking care of the oceans, in order to preserve the natural balance and protect the marine species. This closeness and admiration for the sea
motivated me to study fishing technology.

As a professional, back on the island, I began to work closely with the fishermen, shore gatherers, and divers, being a great support for the sector and an advocate for artisanal fishing before the competent authorities.

From 2011 to 2013, I was head of the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Service in Rapa Nui, this institution is responsible for overseeing compliance with fishing regulations in Chile. In the performance of this position I managed to bring this institution closer to the fishermen,
and the benefits that this institution offered to the community, particularly to the artisanal fishing sector of Rapa Nui.

During the process of creation of the Marine Protected Areas in Rapa Nui, I worked hard for the establishment of a protection figure that truly represented the ancestral values of the represent the ancestral values and culture of the Rapa Nui people, in order to conserve the marine ecosystem and its species, but also to safeguard the traditional customs and ways of life. As a connoisseur of the local culture and traditions, I have fought tirelessly to preserve marine resources and ensure a sustainable future for the community.

As an island woman, I have been actively involved in educational activities aimed at students, with the goal of students, with the objective of fostering marine environmental awareness from an early age, which is essential to ensure a real commitment to marine conservation in the long term. Through talks to schoolchildren via interactive workshops, I try to inspire young students to become guardians of the ocean.

For all the work I have done, I consider myself a key figure in the protection of the sea of Rapa Nui. I believe that, through my example, I have contributed to motivating new generations to become actively involved in the conservation of the ocean and to get actively involved in the conservation of this unique natural treasure in the world.

My life’s work in protecting the ocean and local values ​​and culture has resulted in me currently being the second female councilor elected by the Rapa Nui people to be part of the Rapa Nui Sea Council, Koro Nui o te Vaikava ( 2022-2026), whose function is to jointly manage the Marine Protected Areas of the Rapa Nui Ecoregion with the State.