Best job on island!  Best job in the Pacific!  That’s how Linda Tatreau describes her twenty-five years teaching marine biology on the tropical island paradise of Guam.  Linda is also an advisor for Marine Mania, a group of high school students working to protect the marine environment for over 20 years.  Linda received her undergraduate degree in biology from San Diego State University and studied marine biology at the University of Guam Marine Lab.

Linda’s first academic ocean adventure was with the University of Hawaii’s Mud Volcanoes from the Mantle (Ooze Cruise) expedition in 2003 where she partnered with Tom Fedenczuk to keep the SOEST website current and created associated lesson plans for teachers.  She was a part of the Nereus expedition to the Challenger Deep in 2009 working as the outreach person for Guam media.  As a part of NOAA’s Teacher at Sea in 2010, she created a blog and interacted with dozens of Guam students during a Guam/CNMI cruise as scientists worked to analyze fish populations without killing fish.  This blog can be found on titled Fish250.  Linda will be the outreach person for the expedition to the Sirena Deep and keep interested parties, especially Guam students, involved in the day-to-day operations and discoveries.