Lina Taenzer

Lina Taenzer is a 4th year Ph.D. student studying chemical oceanography. She lives on Cape Cod and works at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution where she is jointly advised by Colleen Hansel and Scott Wankel. Since starting her Ph.D. Lina has been researching the production and fates of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in marine systems. She is excited to use the deep-sea sensor (SOLARIS),  developed by the Hansel Lab, to study ROS dynamics at coral reefs in Puerto Rico on her first ROV cruise on the Falkor (too). Prior to starting her Ph.D. Lina has worked on projects analyzing trace metals in mussel shells at Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany, and carbon and hydrogen isotope fractionation during microbial methane production in the Leavitt Lab at Dartmouth College, NH.