Originally from Brest, France, Léo-Paul has been an engineer at WHOI since 2011 after graduating with a Masters in Electronics Engineering from ENIB (Ecole Nationale d’Ingenieurs de Brest). He has since been working on WHOI’s Optical Modem series of instruments, enabling fast Ethernet connectivity underwater anywhere between 10Gbps at contact, to 10Mbps at 100m as well as autonomous whale detection systems aimed at preventing collisions with ships

Léo-Paul’s research focus is on software defined radios, applied digital processing and communications, with the goal of making the Optical Modem systems as versatile and easy to use as Wi-Fi is for land dwellers. His day to day ideally involves digital circuit design, microprocessor systems and quick prototyping. Other hobbies include menial outdoor tasks, computers and competitive bagpiping.