Lea Kannar-Lichtenberger has completed a Master of Studio Art and Master of Fine Art degrees at Sydney College of the Arts – University of Sydney Australia.

Her research into evolution, contemporary society and the impact of tourism on island environments has led her to onsite investigations through immersive residencies or eco-tourism in the South Shetland Islands, specifically Deception Island (Antarctica) 2017, The Faroe Islands (The North Sea) 2015, The Galapagos Islands (Ecuador) 2014 and Lord Howe Islands (NSW Australia) 2014 & 2015. 

Her resulting artworks and installations examine a window into the impact of the Anthropocene and contemporary consumerism on the viewed utopian destination. With her interdisciplinary eco-critical vision that embraces various mediums from the traditional such as printmedia, photography and drawing, to the new media of video, sound and installations she works to disseminate the research and resulting artworks in exhibitions and at conferences internationally and in Australia.

In disseminating her artistic vision, she has exhibited as an ‘artist at large’ in two recent Solo exhibitions at Spectrum Project space, Edith Cowan University Western Australia, and in the QCA Project Gallery at Griffith University Queensland. Her group exhibitions internationally include Venice Summer Academy, Stunning Edge Exhibition Taiwan, the New York Hall of Science, Galway International Arts Festival Ireland, the SVA (the School of Visual Arts) residency alumni show at the Flatiron Building in Manhattan and at the NYABF at the MOMA annex PS1, New York. Her extensive Australian group exhibitions include Sculpture by the Sea (Sydney and Cottesloe), Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing and the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize. 

Her research and resulting artworks has been published in peer reviewed journals and a book, additionally she has been invited to deliver formal lectures and over 16 papers at conferences around the globe.