Karolina Rivera-Osorio is an aspiring American astronaut and former NASA intern of Space Psychology and sustainable agriculture. 

Honing an Honors Associates Degree in Math and Sciences and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a minor in Film Acting—Karolina has facilitated various projects for NASA as a Lead researcher and Human Factors Engineer in projects such as SLS, Deep Space Transit Habitats, Lunar Transport Modules for Incapacitated Astronauts and recently, improving the Mechanical Design of the Astrobee robots on board the ISS.

During her work at NASA Headquarters and Marshall Space Flight Center, she managed her team as Lead Researcher for The Venus New Exploration Era and analyzed information as data manager for the Mars Sample Return Mission. She is in partnership with NASA’s Eclipse Ambassadors and Accelerate Space Institute sharing her passions for space with the female youth as an educator reminding them that “Failure is NOT an option.” Driven by her passion for hydroponics and microgreens, she dedicates her leisure to space crop research, flying and airplane mechanics.

Karolina has been awarded The Aerospace Management Certification from the Space Center Houston at Johnson Space Center and received honors such as The Certificate of Appreciation and Intern Spotlight from NASA Headquarters. She is in pursuit of grant funding for PhD candidacy in agricultural engineering and research.