Kareati Waysang is the Education Officer for the PIPA Implementation Office, part of the Ministry of Environment Lands and Agricultural Development (MELAD) for the Government of Kiribati. Ms. Waysang has previously participated in several PIPA-related projects, including an expedition to PIPA onboard the SSV Robert C Seamans to study the biological, chemical, and physical oceanography of this large marine protected area. Ms. Waysang was also a key participant in a project entitled “My Deep Sea, My Backyard” that helped to complete the first-ever deep-sea exploration in the Gilbert Archipelago, off the waters of Tarawa, Kiribati. She also has led the PIPA Outreach effort in North and South Tarawa, helping to bring the deep sea to numerous villages and thousands of school children throughout the country. Kareati has a bachelor’s degree from the Victoria University of Wellington, NZ. Ms. Kareati hails from the island of Nonouti, Kiribati.