Joseph Knafelc

Joseph Knafelc is a PhD candidate at the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Queensland University of Technology. He received his BSc in Geology from the University of Oshkosh, Wisconsin (2014) and a MSc in Geology from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale (2016).  Joseph is a petrologist by training and has a passion for high temperature Fe-oxidation reactions and experimental petrology which he applies to recreating the conditions of natural magmatic processes and volcanic events.

Joseph’s MS thesis focused on magnetic analysis and high temperature oxidation reactions of olivine to demonstrate the crust-mantle boundary end member conditions needed to produce magnetic anomalies at cratons and subduction zones.  High temperature and oxygen fugacity-controlled experiments continue to be a part of Joseph’s current research on the largest recorded silicic submarine eruption in history (Havre 2012). In addition to in lab experiments and rock magnetic analysis Joseph applies fundamentals of petrology, geochemistry and Fe-XANES synchrotron analysis to understanding the eruption style which produced the massive 1.5 km3 Havre 2012 pumice raft. The upcoming voyage is Joseph’s first research cruise, and he will be a student opportunity participant as a part of the Students-at-Sea program. He will be training under Dr Derya Gurer with interest in magnetic data acquisition and bathymetric mapping of seamounts in the Coral Sea.