Jordan is a Dorado AUV Operations Engineer at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI). Jordan holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from UC Davis. During college, Jordan interned at MBARI and the Ocean Exploration Trust. Those internships inspired Jordan pursue a career in Marine Robotics.  In 2017 Jordan joined Abundant Robotics, an agricultural robotics startup. There he developed his mechanical, and field operations skill set. In 2021, Jordan joined MBARI’s Autonomous Systems Operations group. His work focuses on the local operation (Monterey Bay), maintenance, and development of all of MBARI’s Dorado AUVs and Wave Gliders. During his time at MBARI Jordan has taken part in seafloor mapping expeditions to the Cascadia Margin, Juan De Fuca Ridge, and the Beaufort Sea Margin in the Arctic Ocean.