Dr Jinchang Zhang is a marine geophysicist, and has been using high-resolution geophysical methods to study the oceanic crustal structure and seafloor morphology for the past decade in Pacific Ocean and South China Sea. Many of his research interests are oceanic plateau evolution, underwater volcano formation, mid-ocean-ridge and mantle plume interaction, plate tectonics, multichannel seismic profiling and multi-beam bathymetry. In recent years, he worked with Dr William Sager and other international scientists to study the structure and morphology of Shatsky Rise oceanic plateau in northwest Pacific Ocean, revealing Tamu Massif within the plateau is the world’s biggest single volcano.

Jinchang received his B.S. from Ocean University of China in geophysics, obtained his P.D. from Texas A&M University in oceanography, and now worked for South China Sea Institute of Oceanology in Guangzhou, China. There, he conducts the projects of oceanic crustal imaging and seafloor mapping, carries out data processing and research, and geodynamic modeling. In addition, he co-works with a marine high-tech group on developing various near-seafloor research equipments