Jennifer Welch is a Geophysics graduate student at the University of Houston.  Her thesis work includes the monitoring and measuring of the horizontal and vertical movement due to subsidence and faults in the surrounding Montgomery County area using permanent GPS stations installed by her and her team.  She graduated from Texas A&M Galveston in 2012 with a B.S. in Marine Science and minor in Geology.  During her undergraduate studies, she performed a variety of extensive research work that included sediment profiling, seismic data acquisition, and quantitative analysis.  Her undergraduate research working included profiling of the Brazos River delta, field work retrieving and analyzing sediment cores, recreating surficial sediment maps of West Galveston Bay using ArcGIS, and onsite regional methane and carbon dioxide fluxes from Madison, Wisconsin.

Jennifer currently holds a Production Data Analyst position with TGS NOPEC.  She is a mother of two children, whom she loves taking on trips to the beach, movies, and shopping.  She enjoys outdoor activities that include hiking, camping, and roller-blading.  Jennifer is also active in her community and plays the flute in the Orchestra at First Baptist Church of Pasadena.