Jeffrey Marlow is a Geobiologist at Harvard University, where he studies deep-ocean microbiology and the inner workings of methane-metabolizing microorganisms. His previous research has exposed seafloor rocks as key habitats in methane-based ecosystems and used a range of culture-independent tools to observe microbial communities as they exist in nature. Jeff has conducted field work at lava lakes in Vanuatu and the acidic rivers of Spain’s Rio Tinto; he has also participated in several of NASA’s robotic missions to Mars, including the Mars Exploration Rovers, the Phoenix Mars Lander, and the Mars Science Laboratory. In addition to his scientific research, Marlow is a science journalist with articles at venues including Wired Magazine, Discover Magazine, and The New York Times. He is also the founder of the Ad Astra Academy, a global education project that brings the excitement and inspirational power of exploration to under-resourced communities around the world.