Ismael Yarbuh was born in the Venezuelan Andes of South America. From an early age he was curious to understand the processes of mountain formation and the habitat that existed in those environments. After completing his undergraduate studies in geological engineering at the Universidad de los Andes (ULA), he ventured into a master’s degree related to environmental management. However, it was not until he migrated to Ensenada, Baja California Mexico, that he fell in love with the sea during his doctoral studies related to Marine Geology at CICESE. Today, Ismael Yarbuh is a full-time professor in the Faculty of Marine Sciences at the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, where he conducts basic research related to the development of seas and oceans, particularly on the deformation of the oceanic crust in the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf of California, to understand and explain the formation of natural resources such as hydrocarbons and geothermal systems.