Dr Helen Bostock is a marine geologist and biogeochemical oceanographer. She uses a range of different datasets to understand the modern and past changes in ocean circulation. These include bathymetric data, sediment samples and cores, plankton (microfossils), deep sea corals, hydrographic (temperature, salinity, oxygen) and other water chemistry data (nutrients and carbonate parameters). She is specifically interested in how the oceans moderate and drive climate change.

Helen undertook her PhD at the Australian National University studying past changes in the Southern Great Barrier Reef, specifically focussing on the Capricorn Channel. She then spent a couple of years at Geoscience Australia working in the Coastal group in the Fitzroy River-Keppel Bay region (on shore from the Southern Great Barrier Reef). She then moved to the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA), in New Zealand, and spent 12 years undertaking 8 open ocean research voyages on the RVĀ Tangaroa, primarily to the Southern Ocean and Antarctica. She recently moved to the University of Queensland in 2019 and is excited to get back to studying the warmer waters of the Southern Great Barrier Reef.