Dr Glenn Moore is the Curator of Fishes at the Western Australian Museum. He is an experienced ichthyologist, researching Western Australia’s fishes for more than 25 years. Dr Moore is the state’s recognised authority for the identification and taxonomy of both marine and freshwater fishes in Western Australia. He has a broad research interest including taxonomy and systematics, genetics, biodiversity, biogeography and ecology and evolution, with a strong publication record on fishes, other fauna and museology, and is and active collaborator on many and diverse projects with a range of research agencies, government and community stakeholders. In his role at the Western Australian Museum, he is also responsible for managing the care, documentation and development of the state’s fish collection comprising nearly 200,000 specimens from around the world.  Dr Moore is an experienced field-based researcher, regularly working in extremely remote marine and terrestrial regions, including extended sea-going marine expeditions. He is also active in outreach opportunities to engage with the general public, traditional custodians and other stakeholders, raising awareness about fishes through presentations, popular publications, media, public enquiries and citizen science initiatives.