Dr Leclerc’s research interest focuses on understanding how subduction zones work and more precisely how and why the convergence is sometimes accommodated in the upper plate, over long time-scale. She defended her PhD last year at the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, in France. She was at that time aiming at quantifying the kinematics of the deformation (coastal uplift, subsidence and faults slip rates) of the Lesser Antilles arc due to the Eastern Caribbean subduction. For that purpose, she mainly used dataset acquired during several scientific cruises (bathymetry, seismic reflection profiles, etc). Now at the Earth Observatory of Singapore as a postdoctoral Research Fellow, Dr Leclerc’s main project consists in studying the deformation of the eastern part of Indonesia, where subduction gives way to collision between the Australian continental shelf and the Banda arc. Onboard the R/V Falkor, Dr Leclerc will bring her experience on bathymetry and seismic reflection profiles acquisition and processing, and begin to work on the bathymetric data in order to obtain a first tectonic and morphologic map of the area.