Francois Galgani earned his PhD in 1983. He is a Project manager at IFREMER, with over 25 years of research and monitoring (CNRS, College de France, IFREMER/Tahiti, Tokyo univ. Of Fisheries, Stanford Univ., IFREMER ) on  Ecotoxicology, Chemistry and Marine Litter with more than 70 scientific cruises and more than 110 peer reviewed articles. Chair of the European Commission/DG ENV/MSCG technical group on marine litter (2011-actual), Chair of the MEDPOL expert group on Marine Litter (2014-2015) and CIESM Committee chair (Biogeochemistry and ecotoxicology) since 2013. Scientific coordinator of various EU/MEDPOL projects and coordinator of various Industry/National Agency projects on the Chemical/Toxicological impact of industrial activities and marine litter.