Francisco Gelves Gomez

Francisco Gelves Gomez is from Colombia and has an interdisciplinary background. Originally trained as an Environmental Engineer (Honours), he now focuses on studying human-Nature relationships. He holds a Master of Environment with a major in Conservation, Restoration and Landscape Management at The University of Melbourne. During research work in Colombia and during his Masters, he became involved in studying subjects that focused on social-ecological systems and other complex adaptive systems. His research has examined land use and appropriation in traditional communities in Colombia, discourses of territory and the understanding of traditional knowledge and practices as tools for conservation of marine and terrestrial ecosystems. Francisco’s main academic interests lie at the interface between the natural and social sciences. Much of his work is focused on critical aspects of biodiversity conservation, particularly related to management and governance of land and sea. His current PhD research explores everyday management practice in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park within the Coral Sea. In addition to his academic work, Francisco has advised environmental conservation projects in Colombia and Mozambique. Francisco shares his love for the ocean as a passionate freediver and instructor.