Emina is a Chemist with a PhD in Marine Chemistry and a researcher in Biogeochemistry and Ecotoxicology Unit in the Organic Contaminant laboratory in Ifremer, France. She conducted research on the effect and behavior of oil and chemical contaminant in the ocean and more generally on the understanding of different type of pollutant in the marine environment. She also carried out biological studies in order to evaluate the impact of chemicals on mussels (mytilus edulis) and assessed the lysosomal membrane stability by the NRRT assay. She, as a scientist, would understand how the ocean is contaminated with different type of contaminant and how these could affect the ocean. She is passionate about the sea and the problem that may affect particularly on chemical pollution. She is the coordinator of a microplastics project dedicated to microplastics investigations in marine environment since 2 years. The project is organized in 4 scientific work packages, which aim to:

  1. Track the smallest plastic particles, understand their evolution and assess their impacts in marine ecosystems (WP2);
  2. Identify microplastics as new habitat for the microbiota (WP3);
  3. Identify microplastics in the deep sea (WP4);
  4. Interact with the general public by citizen science and outreach activities (WP5).