Eleanna has a BSc honour in Marine biology and Oceanography (2011) from the University of Southampton, United Kingdom. Her undergraduate thesis focused on influences from anthropogenic disturbance and sediment type on benthic communities in Southern North Sea. Furthermore, in 2012 Eleanna got her MSc in Aquaculture and Environment in the University of Stirling, United Kingdom. Her master thesis was related with the effects of environmental pollutants on cell apoptosis and gene expression in a fish cell line. The aforementioned degrees provided Eleanna with skills related to data handling and lab analysis. Finally in 2013 she started her PhD in the University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom. At her PhD thesis she aims to compare and contrast the distribution and biochemical composition of organic matter as well as the bacteria biomass in the abyssal and hadal sediments from two of the deepest environments on Earth. Eleanna has already taken part at a cruise to the Kermadec trench and she will now take part at the cruise to Mariana trench. This PhD is part of the HADES project.